The Ultimate Guide To Dry Body Brushing

Get your body’s biggest organ working to eliminate toxins, help your energy, and look renewed with this easy, cheap therapy that’s the perfect addition to a detox

  1. Tone and tighten – look thinner!
  2. Get rid of dead skin cells, reinvigorate and brighten
  3. We explain how to body brush the right way 


This special type of brushing reinvigorates your skin by sloughing off dead skin cells, dirt, pollution particles and skincare products.

By getting rid of the debris, your skin can more effectively excrete waste through the pores and release toxins.


As your body’s secondary detoxification organ (after the liver and kidneys) the skin is responsible for eliminating waste that your other organs cannot – often because they’re overloaded.

Sources of toxins

  • Foods containing pesticides and other chemicals used in food production and manufacture
  • Alcohol
  • Medications and vaccinations
  • Pollution or smoke in your environment
  • Chemicals from skincare products or harmful substances in the work place such as dyes, paints or solvents. 

When your liver is overloaded and your skin is congested, there’s no other option than for your body to hold onto toxins, they get stored in fat cells, which contributes to the visible fatty deposits that we know (and don’t love) as cellulite.

Toxins and an overloaded liver contribute to skin conditions like psoriasis, rashes, acne and body odour. So if you suffer from any of these, give your liver support, alongside trying dry body brushing (but be careful to avoid inflamed areas of skin).

Dry body brushing can help your body deal with toxins that contribute to skin issues.

Organic Burst Chlorella is a perfect support for the liver, gall-bladder and kidneys as it helps to cleanse the body: removing alcohol, heavy metals and other toxins. Take 1tsp every morning in a glass of water with lemon juice, add to your smoothie, or alternatively choose our pure easy swallow tablets.


Dry body brushing increases blood flow to nearer the surface of the skin, but also to your extremities (hands and feet), which is great if you get icy toes in winter!

Another system that benefits from dry body brushing is your lymphatic drainage, this is a series of channels where waste picked up in your blood like old immune cells, pathogens, and other dead cells get dumped.

So by helping this flow, brushing encourages the removal of your body’s metabolic wastes into the colon – if you notice any mucus in your stools after a few days of body brushing, don’t worry, this is a good thing, you’re having a spring-clean!

Do you always have cold hands and feet? Try dry body brushing to improve circulation.

Additionally, by helping the flow of blood and lymph, body brushing can improve the appearance of your body – it improves water retention, bloating, skin tone and evens out the fatty deposits under your skin.

How to dry body brush

  • Use a natural bristle brush (NOT synthetic). One with a long handle and detachable head is perfect.
  • Brush your dry body before you shower, preferably in the morning.
  • Start at the soles of your feet and brush upward toward your heart.
  • Use long, even strokes, repeating over the same area up to 10 times.
  • When you reach your arms, begin at your fingers and brush up your arms, toward your heart.
  • Brush your shoulders and chest down, again, toward your heart.
  • Work on your stomach in a circular motion going upwards from your right hip (which helps to stimulate your bowel).
  • Avoid any broken skin or where you have a rash, infection, cut or wound.
  • Hop in the shower, and alternate between hot and cold water to really get your circulation and lymphatic system going.
  • Try getting into a habit of doing this daily, and if you’re cleaning up your diet or detoxing, it’s especially important. 

Dry body brush before your morning shower in long strokes from soles of the feet towards the heart

So start now! Grab your brush, get rid of the layers of dead cells dulling your appearance, look glowing, help cellulite, detox and feel more energised!

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