5 Instagram Travel Photographers To Get You Daydreaming

Isn’t this big blue planet full of miracles? Even if you spent a lifetime of exploration, you still wouldn’t have seen it all – well… luckily we have a formula for that: some very talented travellers / photographers + Instagram = daydreaming!

In this post we share with you 5 uber inspiring Instagram peeps you really need to check out.

Izkiz @izkiz

British born, Dutch raised and now living on the Aegean coastline of Turkey – Izkiz has some of the most inspiring travel photographs of her “gettings-up-to’ on IG.

Murad & Nataly Osmann @muradosmann

Murad and Nataly Osmann have been inspiring us with their amazing travels across the globe. There doesn’t seem to be a scene on earth where Nataly hasn’t walked into… check out their amazing adventures!

Chris Burkard @chrisburkard

Chris’ natural landscape photography is a very simple and powerful reminder that Mother Nature is king (or ‘queen’ should we say)!

Jack Morris @doyoutravel

Jack’s motto: “Living on the road”. Jack takes us on a journey from the Moroccan Sahara, over to the white-walled towns perched on Santorini – just in time for dinner at an elephant sanctuary in Sri Lanka. Cheers Jack!

Sara @collagevintage

In her own words, “Fashion Lover + Globe Trotter” – Sara shares her explorations with us in style.


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