Matcha Ice Cubes

This is a quick hack to enjoy a creamy, uplifting Matcha latte anytime 🍵!

 Plus - there are so many powerful benefits too:

  • Genuine ceremonial grade Matcha (like ours) is rich in L-theanine, a rare nutrient that gives instant focus, while keeping you grounded, even under stress!
  • Helps with creative thinking and problem solving!
  • Looking to reach your happy weight? Matcha's thermogenic properties can help break down stored fat
  • Supports your immune system to stay bug free!

What you'll need 


1. Sieve 1tsp Matcha into 1/2 cup hot water through a small sieve. This helps make blending smoother. (Optional step)

2. Whisk Matcha with water until the mixture is frothy.

3. Pour the mix into the ice-tray.

4. Add some plant-based mylk of choice and freeze overnight! Pro tip: Pour the mylk in slowly to create a pretty gradient effect!

5. Serve with mylk in glass cups (to showcase your pretty ice cubes)!

6. Enjoy!

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