Can't Stop Sneezing & Sniffling? Easy Tips To Switch Off Your Seasonal Allergies

If you, your friends or children are sick of suffering hay fever year after year, we help you uncover why it happens and how to help

  1. Find out why pollen sets off the sneezes
  2. Eat these amazing nutrients to sort out your immune system 
  3. Breathe freely again by calming your body’s reaction 

Hay fever can block your nose, making breathing a huge effort. Every time you manage to gasp for some oxygen, it sets you off on a chain of unstoppable sneezes! Your eyes are streaming and people keep asking if you’ve been crying! Not fun!

Hay fever medications come with an array of side effects including extreme sleepiness – which is almost as bad as the original symptoms.

Read on for our natural hay fever approach, plus ways to avoid the dreaded symptoms >>


Pollen from trees and grasses triggers hay fever, but this innocent plant fluff isn’t the underlying cause. Hay fever is your immune system’s overreaction to pollen, so the key to get the better of your symptoms is to help your immune system behave more rationally!


  • Get enough Vitamin D – this is the top vitamin for stopping the immune system from overreacting. Your body makes Vitamin D from sun exposure, so get outside if you live in a sunny climate, or use a good Vitamin D3 supplement. Mushrooms, organic eggs, sardines, salmon - all contain small amounts of Vit D, so try to eat these regularly too.

Suffering with seasonal allergies? Get enough Vitamin D! It helps stop your immune system from overreacting.

  • Eat brightly coloured fresh vegetables and fruits that help your body deal with allergens. They’re packed with special plant compounds that mop up the free radicals that you produce when you’re suffering from hay fever. In a nutshell, they help to calm everything down. Organic Burst Acai Berry contains a great big dose of healthy purple polyphenols, as well as antioxidant Vitamin E!
  • Look after your body’s barriers. This means nourishing the mucous membranes inside your nose, mouth, eyes and digestive system, which all have a very high turnover of cells (they are constantly renewing). Organic Burst Chlorella contains iron, manganese and Vitamins B6 & B12 that renew your cells. Our chlorella also balances your gut bacteria for a lovely healthy digestive system.
  • Don’t burden your immune system with foods and chemicals that are known to cause sensitivities. Lactose in milk, gluten in grains, artificial additives and chemicals in cosmetics all put extra pressure on your immune system – so steer clear!
  • Traditional remedies. Eucalyptus oil - a few drops on a cotton wool or in your ball can work wonders. Hot chili peppers and mustard are known to help too - a study presented at the Western Society of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology showed that an ingredient derived from hot peppers (capsaicin) - safely and effectively relieves even stubborn nasal allergies!

Get your nose back to normal, take a deep breath and enjoy the smell of Spring!

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