How To Accomplish More At Work By The End Of This Week

Get more out of every day with our efficiency tips for life

  • Get organised and stop wasting time 
  • Learn how to focus 
  • Become a mono-tasker 
  • Schedule your day to work for you 

Work on your attention span

Much as we enjoy stopping our work to look up facts like what year the film you saw last night came out, it’s recently been reported that our attention span is now just eight seconds because of our reliance on smartphones and tablets!

Here’s how to avoid distraction and get things done quicker:

  • Be disciplined and get rid of extraneous information sources – close Chrome if you don’t need it for the task at hand.
  • According to statistics by T Mobile the average person checks their phone 150 times a day! Stop habitual phone-checking by putting it on silent and away in a drawer or bag, you can look at it when you have a break.
  • Block out the world when you really need to concentrate – if you work in an open plan office, try headphones, grab a free meeting room, or put a post-it on your screen to tell others that you’re not to be disturbed.
  • Switch off alerts – email alerts and syncing notices are a classic distraction, get them off your screen!  

Don’t multitask 

Despite the admiration multitaskers achieve, it has been shown to be a much less effective way to operate than completing tasks individually and sequentially.

Why multitasking isn’t all that great:

  • Our brains are not wired to concentrate on more than 4 things at once.
  • According to statistics, multitaskers take 50% longer to accomplish a task and make 50% more mistakes.
  • Every time you switch tasks, you lose about 20 minutes because of the time it takes you to get into something new. Only switch when you’ve reached a good juncture in your work.
  • Become a mono-tasker! Maybe it’ll be the next big thing... 

Get more done at the office

If your job is demanding and you sometimes feel overwhelmed, here are a few ways to make life easier:

  • Make a to do list, but not too long! Some experts advise halving your list to make it realistic and manageable.
  • Make meetings as small (number of participants) and quick as possible, and be strict about sticking to the agenda.
  • Keep presentations short and concise.
  • Maintain a tidy work zone and make sure the office is stocked with everything you need – it’s frustrating if the printer is out of ink and you have to stop and head to the stationers. 

Time keeping

Organise your day so you waste less time, but still take regular breaks! 

  • Make deadlines realistic – set them for yourself, it helps everyone and de-stresses you to know when work is expected.
  • Recognise time wasters – getting bogged down with small details or changing your mind over and over, cut off and move on.
  • Regular breaks – focus for as long as you can without letting yourself be distracted (this is depressingly only about 20mins for most people), then stand up, walk around and stretch. Take a break away from your desk for 5 mins at least every hour.
  • Group your tasks – e.g. spend 1-2hrs working on one project, then at a good juncture, switch tasks.
  • Be considerate - email colleagues questions, or if you need to speak to them, email to ask when is a good time to talk so you’re not disrupting their flow.  

Get your focus back

Try these cool techniques for shaking things up:

  • Challenge your brain by doing something unexpected like rearranging your desktop so your brain is stimulated and produces more dopamine – the neurotransmitter we need for focus.
  • The morning is the best time to get creative and think more deeply because you’re more fresh and energetic.
  • Have Organic Burst Maca powder at breakfast for caffeine-free (non-jittery) energy – stir 1tsp into your breakfast bowl, or mix with warm nut milk for a great alternative to a latte.
  • Keep a bottle of Organic Burst Spirulina tablets handy. They contain iron for your brainpower and thiamine for a healthy nervous system.  

Being efficient will not only make your bosses love you, but getting everything done faster means leaving on time (hurrah) and more chance you’ll enjoy a healthy work-life balance. Get going on some of the tips today!

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