How To Add Love To Your Smoothies With Breakfast Criminals

Learn to listen to what your body needs, start the day with food made with care and you'll open up the door to a magical day! This is the inspiration of superfood sensation and creator of Breakfast Criminals, Ksenia Avdulova. Ksenia exudes a wonderful calm energy and her approach is to focus on being mindful, encouraging you to nurture yourself with love and soul. With such a thoughtful approach, Ksenia is careful to use only ethically sourced ingredients.

Hey Ksenia!

C&J: Breakfast Criminals is such a cool name for your blog, how did you come up with it? Are you a little bit of a rebel?!

KA: Thank you! Breakfast Criminals was created as a little act of rebellion. After getting hooked on delicious superfood acai bowls prepared with love, I realized that there's no place in NYC that serves the traditionally Brazilian smoothie bowls with soul. So I took it as my personal mission to create my own delicious acai bowls and share them with people that I love. I had no idea that I could inspire thousands of people around the world to be creative in the kitchen along the way.

C&J: Are superfood breakfasts the key to living in one of the most hectic cities in the world?

KA: Nutritious whole food breakfasts are the key to living in any city in the world! When you take a little time and space to start your day with a delicious meal prepared with love, it opens up the door for magic. Cooking is a meditative process, if you ask me. I don't leave home without having breakfast, that's non-negotiable. This way of living helps with emotional eating and reaching for the less healthy food options during the day. There's just something about making your first meal super healthy and colorful - it sets the right tone for the whole day.

C&J: We know that acai is a staple of your creations, do you have any criteria about how you choose your ingredients?

KA: As one of the founders of ethical shopping movement Fair Tuesday, I care about supporting ethical, local and fair trade businesses, so when I get a chance to use any of those in my breakfast recipes, it makes it so much more meaningful.

C&J: You have a wonderful balance of yoga, meditation, awareness along with great nutrition. Has your yoga and mindfulness taught you anything about how to feed your body best or influenced your nutritional choices?

KA: Yoga, meditation, nutrition that works for you - all these things are intertwined. Nutrition is a powerful tool to feeling like your best self on its own, but yoga and meditation can take it to the next level. It's not about having a huge knowledge about nutrition. It's good to know the basics - drinking warm lemon water every morning for digestion, eating a lot of plants, knowing where your food comes from. But in the end, all you need to know is what works for you in YOUR body. That's why I call myself "intuitarian". I've tried veganism, and it just didn't work for me. So when I started doing more Strala Yoga and meditation with Harshada Wagner, I really started tuning more into myself and listening to my body's needs. No diet will make you feel amazing unless you move your body, that's where yoga comes in. Tap into your inner world. Be mindful when you eat. Listen to what your body wants and why. Are you actually hungry, or is your soul asking for some lovingkindness? I highly recommend my yoga teacher Tara Stiles' new book "Make Your Own Rules Diet", if any of the above resonates with you.

C&J: What differences can your breakfast bowls make to someone’s life - how can we expect to feel?

KA: Just imagine starting every single day of your life with a delicious breakfast that will give you clean sustained energy and a hug from the inside. Get it? :) I have over 100 recipes and tips in my ebook, check it out if you're ready to get yourself #breakfastcriminalized.

C&J: Could you list your top ingredients and tell us why they’re so great?

KA: Sure! 

  1. Greens (kale or spinach) - I always have greens in my freezer. Adding dark leafy greens to your smoothies helps you alkalise your body without the green taste!
  2. Coconut water - hydrating and refreshing, coconut water makes the perfect base for any smoothie or smoothie bowl.
  3. Maca - maca adds a delicious vanilla-like earthy touch to smoothies and oatmeals, and the perfect boost of energy for the day (maca is what I take in place of coffee!) Organic Burst Maca hits the spot!
  4. Raw cacao nibs - crunchy raw cacao nibs are raw food that provide pure chocolate flavor and an array of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Chocolate without any guilt! Combine perfectly with green smoothies with mint and any acai bowls.

Thanks Ksenia! 

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