Superfoods For Your Suitcase - Part 1

Hurrah, it’s summer holiday time! The perfect opportunity for your body to relax and rejuvenate, so why is it so common to get ill at the first sight of the beach?

  • If you’re normally fairly wired and stressed, your adrenalin and cortisol levels drop steeply on holiday. Since these hormones have the effect of suppressing our immunity, once they drop, the immune system starts revving into action, and dealing with bugs and other problems that have been hanging around for a while. This unfortunately means you display symptoms like headaches, sore throats, and can end up feeling rather grotty.   
  • Travelling breaks your hard-core health habits (!) You can’t necessarily depend on a place to exercise the way you like, eat how you like or sleep how you like when you’re away. 
  • Finally, the exposure to bugs on planes and trains, water or food that you’re not used to, long flights that wear you out and a time zone that confuses your sleep cycle are all potential illness causers. 

We want you to enjoy your well-earned rest, so here’s Part 1 of our guide to staying healthy while you travel this summer:

Flying High

Flights can be exhausting, the confined space with so many other people is a nightmare for some, plus the food provided is processed and packaged, so be prepared:

  • Take your own snacks. Make some superfood energy balls with Organic Burst Baobab, Organic Burst Maca or Organic Burst Spirulina (recipes available on for the journey which will provide balanced energy and a good dose of nutrients. 
  • Pack your favourite natural snack bars for the rest of the holiday. 
  • Take Organic Burst Chlorella for a few days leading up to your flight and while you’re away to cleanse your body of the build-up of environmental pollutants and benefit your immune system. 
  • Stay as hydrated as possible during your flight by drinking plenty of water, this  helps with the puffy ankle syndrome as well as preventing your skin from getting too dry. 
  • Use earplugs and an eye mask on the plane to block out the excess noise and artificial light – hopefully you’ll nod off and have a more restful journey. 

Gut Feeling

  • Disruption to your regular routine, plus a long journey, can mean digestion is affected, keep yours going well with our top digestive health tips: 
  • If you’re eating more rich or meaty food than usual, drink a glass of water with a teaspoon of Organic Burst Baobab half an hour before eating. 
  • Eat a raw starter before your main dish such as a rocket salad, some melon, crudités and dips to stimulate digestive juices.  
  • Always eat mindfully and chew food thoroughly – your stomach doesn’t have teeth.
  • Take 4 x Organic Burst Chlorella tablets every day to help balance healthy gut bacteria. Optimal gut flora (or bacteria) has amazing effects on regularity, absorption of nutrients and a flat happy tummy!

Staying Hydrated

  • Counteract the effects of alcohol and hot weather, by staying hydrated and supporting your body’s natural detoxification mechanisms. 
  • Make friends with the bar staff and get them to bring some nibbles with your drinks, try to stick to the rule of never drinking alcohol on an empty stomach.
  • Add Organic Burst Wheatgrass to your morning routine, it’s perfect to drink first thing in a glass of water with lemon juice to, alkalise (due to the chlorophyll content), cleanse (with the high amount of fibre), and enliven (thanks to energy-giving manganese). 
  • If fresh juices are available where you're staying, ask for a green juice made with veggies such as cucumber, celery and broccoli - you can then stir in your own wheatgrass. The great news is that vegetables in hot climates tend to taste sweeter, so you will enjoy your greens even more than usual! 
  • High water content foods like cucumber, melon, stews and soups are very effective at maintaining hydration. 
  • Organic Burst Chlorella is shown in numerous scientific studies to help remove alcohol from the liver. We have many customers who swear by it! 

Next week we’ll cover holiday beauty tips and how to prevent holiday lethargy, because we’ve all had that feeling of not wanting to move from the lounger! 

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