The Inspiration Behind "Tasty As Heck"

We’re sure you’d agree that Heike Mueller’s Instagram page @tastyasheck has some of the most beautiful healthy food creations out there. Heike uses her eye for color and design to give her cooking different twists and depths.

We caught up with Heike to find out more about her art. Let her creativity inspire you!

Photo credit: Nadia Damaso

C&J: Heike, tell us a little about yourself:

HM: Working as a visual designer and trend analyst I’m always on the search for interesting and beautiful ingredients. It’s just fun to eat something colorful. Maybe it’s my inner child playing around with food. The weekly stroll over the farmers market during all the season is one of the biggest pleasures.

C&J: Your food is a work of art - how do you get inspired to come up with your vibrant recipes?

HM: It all starts when I go grocery shopping or to the farmers market. When I spot the product, it starts to get positively weird in my brain. The inspiration comes also from everything I observe. It can be fashion, nature or art. As a former trend analyst, you can’t get rid of this process.

Photo credit: Heike Mueller

C&J: How did you decide to start your Instagram page?

HM: First, I started with different topics. In the very beginning, it was when the Instagram app was the only photo app on the market with cool filters. Then I realized that all food-related posts were the most successful. After that, it started naturally that I posted my food on a daily basis.

C&J: What’s the most unusual ingredient that you used?

HM: Seriously, I couldn't find it until now. It is organic bamboo coal powder. I did have baked goods with it and I just love black food. Even though you don't see it very often on my feed. ;-)

Learn the most unusual ingredient that @Heike_Mueller uses and her food photography tips.

C&J: Do you have any tips for our readers who wish to excel at food photography

HM: For most of the time I used my mobile phone. So I have experience with low-key photography. The most important is natural light. Next is the good angle to take your photos. Finally, it’s the editing. If you find your preferred filters you can realize a fingerprint, which makes them recognizable.

C&J: What’s your favorite superfood?

HM: Uhm, that’s not so easy. The most used one is surely chia. I always store a jar with chia pudding in the fridge. And I love spirulina!

Photo credit: Heike Mueller

Thanks Heike!

It was great to catch up, thank you for the inspiration, and we’ll look forward to seeing more of the black food you make (with some spirulina swirls).

Discover more of Heike's creations on


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