Top Tips To Get Party Perfect

Prepare for a fabulous party season!

  • Slip into your dress with our weight management tips
  • Glow like an angel with our skin nourishing foods
  • Find out what to do on a night out to reduce the after-effects
  • Fight toxins and handle late nights without exhaustion


Deal with food cravings, drop portions without feeling hungry, reduce bloating and get a flatter tummy with our weight management tips:

  • Replace refined sugar and processed foods like cakes, cookies, pastries, white bread, pasta, rice and chips with natural foods like chia crackers, sweet potato, celeriac and quinoa.
  • Organic Burst Chia is a wonder-food for weight loss as it contains a perfect blend of fiber to fill you up, complete protein to keep you going and essential fats to help regulate your hunger hormones. Stir 1 tablespoon into a glass of water and soak for 10 mins to release the soluble fiber, then drink up (it doesn’t have a flavor)!
  • Avoid gluten – this tummy irritating protein is found in wheat, barley, rye and oats. Most people respond very quickly and positively to cutting it out, as it is often responsible for a bloated tummy, skin conditions and abdominal pain.
  • Eat carrot sticks instead of crackers, serve your eggs on spinach or zucchini instead of toast, snack on nuts instead of cookies. Balance gut bacteria and beat the bloat with Organic Burst Chlorella. Take every morning during the party season to help stay regular and give your digestive system support.
  • Give up grains - these raise our blood sugar and are low in nutrients, so replacing grains with healthy fats is an amazing way to nourish your body without triggering an insulin response (the hormone that makes us fat). Try 1/2 avocado with lemon juice instead of rice, and quinoa flakes cooked or soaked in coconut milk instead of oatmeal (that contains the protein avenin that may act like gluten and irritate the gut, especially in gluten-intolerant folks).

Slip into your party dress more easily by avoiding gluten and beat bloating with Chlorella.


Support the renewal and hydration of your skin with the perfect nutrients, as well as combatting toxins that can ruin your glow!

  • Top up your essential fats that you need to renew skin cells with Organic Burst Chia These mighty seeds contain ALA - the Omega-3 fat that your body uses to build new cells. Chia is also powerfully hydrating, so soak yours in water before drinking (check tip above).
  • Beautify from the inside with Organic Burst Acai Berry – a source of wonderful radiance-giving polyphenols. Take a booster dose of 8 capsules a day with your breakfast to really get you glowing.
  • Alcohol, processed food, sodas, and a smoky environment all put an additional load on our body’s detoxification organs. Take Organic Burst Chlorella that helps to cleanse the liver of toxins. Start with 4 tablets or 1tsp each morning, then after a few days, increase to taking a second dose in the evenings.

Chia is powerfully hydrating! Soak in a large glass of water and drink before and after alcohol.


What to do before, during and after the party to stay as healthy as possible while still enjoying yourself!

  • For the few days leading up to a party, take Organic Burst Chlorella every day to give your detoxification organs support. On the day of the party, take 1 dose before going out, 1 when you get in at the end of the night and 1 the morning after.
  • Always try to eat something before going out, a chia pudding, some fruit and a handful of nuts, an avocado, a hard boiled egg or some lentil soup would all be good, quick snacks.
  • If you have no time to eat and need to rush to an event after work, take 1 tsp or 6 tablets of Organic Burst Spirulina. The complete protein will help to keep you going and the iron will fight fatigue.
  • Make your first drink when you arrive at a party a water to rehydrate before you hit any alcohol, and keep drinking water through the night when you can.

Always eat before a party! Choose a nourishing snack like chia pudding, nuts, avocado or soup.

Have fun looking and feeling gorgeous this holiday season!

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