What's Causing Your Headaches? 4 Common Headache Triggers & How To Fix Them

Feel light, bright and free of head pain by finding the reason behind your sore head and stop it before it takes hold!

  1. Learn which foods trigger your headaches 
  2. Help to balance headache-causing hormones 
  3. Eat these headache-fighting snacks 

It may only take 1 or 2 easy changes to your lifestyle to really make a difference!


Clean up your diet, avoid additives and food sensitivities to kiss goodbye to headaches.

What’s going on:

Many artificial additives are toxic to the brain, so processed food is not a headache-sufferer’s friend! Foods that trigger sensitivities in the digestive system, such as wheat and dairy that are commonly known to irritate the gut lining, can be a headache cause.

Specific foods that are high in histamine compounds are another common headache trigger.

Read the tips below to find out which to avoid >>

Do this:

  1. Steer clear of all foods and drinks that contain aspartame and MSG (monosodium glutamate), watch out for ‘sugar-free’ drinks, crisps and Chinese sauces. Choose plain water, and base your meals and snacks on natural, whole foods without additives! 
  2. Try giving up foods that contain high levels of histamine, including cheese, chocolate and red wine – think of the typical ‘red wine headache’, which is partly down to the histamine content. Avoid them for 2 weeks and see if you feel a difference. 
  3. Have a go at an elimination diet where you stop eating wheat and /or dairy for a few weeks and notice if there is an improvement in symptoms. You may feel so much better that you continue for longer! 

High histamine foods including cheese, chocolate and red wine  could be causing your headaches.

Hormone Fluctuations

Improve your relationship with your hormonal cycle and get in control of head pain!

What’s going on:

Hormone fluctuations are a major headache and migraine trigger, so it’s no surprise that they are more common in women. If you notice your headaches coincide with a point in your menstrual cycle – often around your period or ovulation, then there is likely to be a hormone link.

Do this:

  • Excess hormones need to be detoxified by the liver and eliminated through your bowel – so if your liver is struggling and you’re constipated, you’re going to get hormonal symptoms! Help cleanse your liver and digestive system with Organic Burst Chlorella
  • Aid the balance of your hormone levels by taking 1 teaspoon Organic Burst Maca every day, it mixes easily into nut or rice milk, yoghurts, smoothies and even curries! 
  • Eat essential fats that help your hormones speak to your body’s cells effectively so you don’t produce more than you need. Eat oily fish such as wild Alaskan salmon, sardines, anchovies, seafood, walnuts and flax seeds. 

*Bonus* – these tips will also help with period pains, food cravings and pre-menstrual symptoms. 

If you get hormonal headaches, support the liver and bowel to help get rid of excess hormones.

Read on to find out about more unexpected headache causes and what to do about them >>

Twenty-First-Century Stressors

Recognise your daily triggers and try our quick fixes to side-step brain pain!

What’s going on:

Some classic triggers for headaches include mental stress such as going into an exam or an interview, having an argument, concentrating too hard (!), plus physical stresses such as being dehydrated and having low blood sugar. The great news is you can fix them fast!

Do this:

  • Eat something! Go for a magnesium-rich snack such as almonds, sesame seeds, figs, or a green smoothie with spinach and 1tsp Organic Burst Wheatgrass
  • Drink something! Plain water is great, but even better if you pimp it up with 1tsp Organic Burst Baobab, which contains magnesium and other electrolytes to fight dehydration. 
  • Look at the quality of the air in your environment, if you are exposed to air fresheners or non-natural candles, get rid of them! 
  • Try a menthol rub on your temples and back of your neck at the first signs of a headache. *Tip*: go for products free from petroleum jelly - you can normally find them in your local health store. 
  • An intriguing migraine self-therapy tip is to put a bag of frozen peas on the back of your neck, and submerge your hands and feet in hot water to encourage blood away from the head to relieve pressure. 

Posture and Breathing

Stand straighter, work on the quality and depth of your breathing to battle headaches.

What’s going on:

Tension in your back and neck muscles, as well as the small muscles around your eyes, jaw and those covering your whole skull can trigger headaches. These areas of tension can arise from poor alignment of your spine and whole skeletal system.

Wonky or hunched posture, not only causes tensions in the body, but also could impact on the quality of your breath and the flow of blood to the brain. This means your brain may not get enough oxygen, water and other nutrients, causing pain.

Bad posture can cause headaches; it impacts on your breath and oxygen flow to the brain. Try pilates!

Do this:

  • Pilates and yoga to strengthen your postural muscles. These practices also help to realign the body and equalise both sides – unlike many sports where your dominant side will compensate for weakness elsewhere. 
  • See an osteopath if you suspect your body is structurally out of balance who will analyse and work on your alignment. 
  • Help your muscles relax by taking regular baths in Epsom Salts or magnesium flakes – known as nature’s tranquiliser! 
  • Egoscue postural alignment technique helps regain your posture and align the body with few simple daily exercises. Check out their website to find your local clinic. If you're in London, give the wonderful practitioner Ben Thompson a shout! 

It’s so important not to ignore headaches, because they’re a sign that your body needs some support. Plus you can be so much happier and freer in your life if you manage to nail those on going headaches now!

Try just 1 or 2 changes today and make a start on your health journey.

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