12 Easy & Delicious Matcha Recipes That You Can Make Daily

Whether you’re new to Matcha and need some easy ways to fit it into your busy routine… Or you’re already a Matcha lover but haven’t ventured beyond the Matcha lattes… you’ll find these top recipes so quick, easy and versatile to enjoy!

In this post you'll discover:

  • The amazing effects of Matcha you too can experience on a daily basis!
  • What to look out for in Matcha to avoid the bitter taste and low effects.
  • Our most popular, easy hacks and quick recipes to enjoy your Matcha daily… even if you have no time!


Matcha is the highest quality and most powerful form of green tea. That’s why for a 1000 years it was only available to meditating monks, the Japanese royal family and Shoguns - leaders of the samurai warriors.

One of the reasons why today Matcha has become so popular all over the globe is because of the amazing way it makes people feel immediately after drinking it – plus it has many other powerful benefits.

Let’s have a look at what drinking Matcha can do for you:

  • Instant focus and alertness - Matcha is the richest whole food source of L-theanine - a very rare nutrient that in studies has been found to promote an energized and focused state - even during highly demanding tasks.

    “I took your Matcha today… for the first time. No joke, in 15 minutes I was dancing… I’m a mom of 3 and it made me feel amazing and lasted till bedtime for my kids” Rachel @rachelkoulianos on Instagram
  • No jitters, feeling wired, acidity or crashing like after coffee - the focused and alert feeling after having high quality Matcha comes from the L-theanine, a rare nutrient in Matcha that doesn’t have any side effects. But beware, lower quality Matcha such as those commonly sold in shops and cafes are often higher in caffeine and low in L-theanine.

    “Matcha gives me a great burst of energy without the jitters and crash, much better than coffee!” Ashley @heyashlaaaay on Instagram
  • Feeling settled, content and grounded - this is the most well known property of L-theanine and has prompted the creation of many lab-made L-theanine supplements. We prefer high quality Matcha - a whole food source of L-theanine with no side effects!

    “This stuff is like magic - it instantly calms and relaxes you, removing all traces of anxiety. I am 100% converted and so are three other family members of mine.” @privateshopperdiaries on Instagram
  • Creative thinking and problem-solving - L-theanine has been shown to boost alpha brain wave power by +75%!

    Matcha is amazing! I am taking it daily and I experience amazing creativity! I have always liked art and crafts, but once I started taking Matcha it's unbelievable - I am painting and drawing and just seeing the world a bit differently. I dissect shapes in my head when I see something, for example a house. I take in every detail. It's a bit hard to explain without sounding a bit funny :) I no longer need a nap in the afternoon and I am up till midnight!” Andie @myraandjean on Instagram
  • Feeling more social and less self-conscious - higher alpha brain wave power - associated with L-theanine - helps you feel settled, more comfortable with yourself, even during stressful situations.
  • Helps break down stored fat - due to Matcha’s thermogenic properties it has been shown to help break down fat.
  • Stabilizes blood sugar levels - studies have shown Matcha's ability to lower blood glucose levels.
  • Strong immune system to stay bug-free - Matcha contains one of the most powerful antioxidants man has discovered yet: Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG).
  • All benefits of green tea in a concentrated form - there are almost 600 scientific studies on the benefits of green tea! Matcha is the purest and most nutrient dense form of green tea + you’re consuming the goodness of the whole leaf as opposed to just infused water.

    “Since taking Matcha in my morning routines everything has changed for the better. As soon as I open it I feel kinda transported in another place by its amazing scent, you can definitely smell the quality of it. I feel very calm, centered and collected yet full of energy.” @filifloo on Instagram


In order to enjoy the taste of your Matcha each time and experience its powerful benefits - you need to make sure you’re only choosing a genuine ceremonial grade Matcha.


Because only genuine ceremonial grade Matcha is rich in L-theanine, the rare nutrient that is responsible for most of Matcha’s benefits - energy, focus, feeling settled and grounded, creative, productive and social.

That’s why only Matcha of this grade has ever been used by Buddhist monks for long hours of meditation… And only such a high grade has ever been used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony: “The Way Of Tea”.

The higher the levels of L-theanine in Matcha - the more effects you’ll experience and the more amazing you’ll feel straight after drinking it.

“Only OB Matcha makes me feel energized, calmer, but not sleepy, revitalized and greener inside out, skin glows. Other matches can’t do this, they can’t even compare to OB Matcha, completely other level of quality” @sutfi on Instagram 

How does this affect the taste?

The L-theanine gives Matcha its sweet notes - our Japanese tea master calls it “sweet without sugar”.

When Matcha is bitter you know straight away that it’s low in L-theanine (therefore the benefits you get will be poor too). This is one of the first signs that it’s of a low quality and not the type you're after!

Sadly Matcha has become such a buzzword today, which has resulted in many low quality Matcha products in shops and online being sold as “ceremonial grade” - especially because there are no regulations that companies have to comply with in order to call it this way in Western countries.

Before launching Organic Burst Matcha we have been researching Matcha for many months, travelling across Japan and tasting a large variety of the best Matcha in Japan, the US and Europe.

When we tasted our Matcha for the first time we knew immediately that was it! Until today we haven’t found anything that compares and hundreds of our Bursters from all over the globe agree.

“I don’t know how you guys do it, but your Matcha is unlike any others I’ve tried. It’s not fishy or bitter and it’s so easy to drink. And it doesn’t give me the terrible effects of caffeine. Wow. Thank you so much for producing such a high quality product!!” @kenziejenest on Instagram

Organic Burst Matcha is the real premium ceremonial grade, which is defined by:

  • Shading the tea leaves for at least 21 days - a difficult and expensive process that differentiates real Matcha from simple green tea. This is done to bring out its nutrient content, color and taste.
  • Picked only during the 1st harvest of the year - when the leaves are their richest in L-theanine. The later harvests produce lower grades of Matcha.
  • Lab tested showing very high levels of L-theanine.
  • Exceptional taste - creamy without cream, almost sweet, without sugar
  • Not bitter, fishy or pungent - these are signs of lower grades of Matcha or those that were fertilized with fish and beef bones - something our farmers never do.
  • Color - electric green (not faded or yellow green). The more vibrant the green color of Matcha the higher quality it is.
  • Fine milling for exquisite taste and quickly absorbed nutrients.

“@organicburst is by far the absolute best Matcha I’ve ever found! You can even drink it without anything added - the taste is so fine and sweet…nothing bitter at all! And the colour…such a bright green. Couldn’t find this at any other Matcha. I highly recommend it to everyone…try it” @anma_mapic on Instagram

Click here to learn which other factors you need to be aware of when choosing your Matcha >>

12 Easy Ways To Enjoy Matcha Daily… Even If You Have No Time!

1. How To Make The Perfect Matcha - The Modern Way

Enjoy drinking Matcha pure - like a pro! Don’t be afraid of the taste - because unlike many other Matcha or green teas - Organic Burst Matcha doesn’t taste bitter or fishy! Due to its exceptional quality and purity it tastes creamy (without cream) and almost sweet (without sugar).

With this easy drink it only takes a few minutes to get in the zone for a creative session, a super productive working day, yoga or meditation.

Get the method here and your mornings will never be the same!


2. Everyday Matcha Latte

    If you had Matcha lattes from coffee shops before - you’ll be so surprised when you have this real deal. Feel an instant lift, focus and burst of feel-good without any jitters - that only the real ceremonial grade Matcha such as Organic Burst Matcha can give you.

    The coconut milk perfectly compliments our Matcha’s exquisite flavour and its good fats will help you feel energised for longer! Instead of coconut milk you can also use almond or any milk of your choice.

    You’ll never want to spend money on a take-out Matcha latte again!


    3. Matcha Chia Pudding

    A super quick, tasty and easy brekkie or snack.

    You can prepare it the night before and you have an awesome brekkie for a busy morning. Use an old empty jar and take it to work!

    Start feeling vibrant and full until lunchtime!


    4. Iced Matcha Latte

      If you’re into your cold drinks you’ll love this iced Matcha latte! Unlike soda or cold brew coffee - the energy and focus you feel from Organic Burst Matcha do not come from sugar or caffeine - so you’ll instantly feel amazing without crashing later.


      • 1/2 teaspoon Organic Burst Matcha powder⠀
      • 1 cup almond milk/full fat coconut milk⠀
      • sweetener to taste (optional, we prefer rice malt syrup, stevia drops or coconut sugar)


      Whisk everything together using an Aerolatte or a blender & pour into a glass over ice. 

      5. Matcha Green Juice

      For all of you fans of green juices - our Matcha is an amazing addition! Adding it will make you feel extra vibrant and grounded - plus Matcha is known to help burn fat and boost metabolism!

      That’s why we often carry a tin of our Matcha with us to supercharge our take-out juices.

      Check out the recipe for our Matcha green juice here (NO juicer needed!)


      6. Matcha Pre-Workout Smoothie 

      Put on your workout shoes and get ready with this energy-packed smoothie! The thermogenic properties in Organic Burst Matcha helps you break down that stubborn fat.

      Almonds and cashews contain protein and healthy fats which help you power through your workout.

      BONUS: it’s a fantastic on-the-go breakfast too!


      7. Brain Fuel Matcha

      Enjoy this quick and deliciously creamy 4-ingredient combo! The combination of the powerful L-theanine in our Matcha + healthy fats in coconut oil are the perfect brain-fuel!

      Get this easy recipe here and feel instantly focused and motivated to power through your to-do list!


      8. Matcha Buckwheat Parfait

      Say hello to parfait perfection with this delicious brekkie, snack or healthy dessert, bursting with energizing Matcha goodness. Buckwheat is a totally gluten-free pseudo-grain, rich in magnesium and fibre!


      9. Matcha Chai Latte

      The perfect warming, comforting yet energizing drink for those colder autumn days. Organic Burst Matcha and cinnamon are the perfect combo for boosting metabolism and stabilizing blood sugar levels.

      You’ll love how this makes you feel - alive and focused, yet content and grounded.


      10. Matcha Guacamole

      Do you love avocados? Then you’ll really enjoy this quick, easy & totally delicious (weight-loss friendly!) snack or a starter.


      11. Matcha Overnight Oats

      Start your day off right with this super delicious, quick & energizing brekkie. Mix up the night before and enjoy with fresh berries the next day for a fuss-free morning!

      BONUS: amazing for glowing skin too!


      12. Matcha Mojito Smoothie

      Coconut water + Matcha + avocado + mint = health foodie’s paradise! This alcohol-free smoothie twist on the famous cocktail will leave you feeling energized, satiated and super happy!


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